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  • Six CME Certified Adolescent Health Service Delivery Training Modules at no cost. All CMEs are Category 1 AAFP credits.

    • The Time is NOW: Providing Adolescent-Friendly Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare

    • Birth Control Overview

    • STI Overview

    • Pregnancy Options Counseling

    • Working With LGBTQ Youth

    • Male Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health

  • How to Access NYPATH Training and CME Certificates Online

    1. Register for the Website.

    2. Once registered, the easiest way to access the modules is to:

    1. Click "NYPATH Training" tab located on the purple ribbon at the top of the page.

    2. Click purple "Course Catalog" button.

    3. Click on NYPATH link.

    4. Click the module you would like to take.

    5. You will see a new window. Click the purple "Enroll" button to register for the module.

    6. You will go to a new page. Click the purple "Confirm Enrollment" button.

    7. You will go to another new page. Click the purple "Go to Course Sessions" button.

    8. Click on the link of the course you would like to take.

    9. A drop-down menu will appear containing three choices. Click pretest and complete it.

    10. After completing the pretest, click the corresponding module and now you are ready to begin.

    11. Following completion of the module click post test and complete it.

    12. Once you have completed the pretest, module, and post test, you will then be able to click the "Certifications" button located at the top of the screen in the green colored field.

    13. You will then see a PDF symbol and name of the module you completed.

    14. Click and print the certificate.

    Note: if you begin the enrollment process and/or start a module and are not able to complete it in one sitting, you can go back to this module by clicking on the "Enrolled Modules" tab located at the top of the screen above the purple ribbon in the green colored field. Click on the module to continue where you left-off. You will also be able to view the module again using this function.

    If you are having difficulties with this process please contact or at (212) 304-5237.

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    • Developed by adolescent medicine providers affiliated with NYPATH.

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